Protect Your Vehicles And Maintain Your Aesthetic - Selecting A Garage Door Material

Cars and trucks have long been symbols of freedom and the open road in the United States, but those symbols are largely meaningless unless they're properly protected. A garage can be an excellent line of defense, but making sure that you pick the right material for the door which provides that defense is an essential component in establishing the security you desire.

Below, you'll find a guide to some options in choosing the right material for your garage door. This information should help you feel comfortable with that important choice, and may give you factors to consider that otherwise may not have come to mind.


If your prime concerns are durability and security, than a steel door may be the best possible confluence of those factors. Able to be produced in precisely the right size for your garage and covered in plating of various colors to blend in with your home, steel doors will also be finished with a weather resistant coating which should guard them from rust.

It's important to remember, however, that steel won't keep your garage insulated as well as other materials. If you live in an area where the climate is extreme, you might consider a different material which will be better suited at shielding your vehicle and your belongings from the cold.


When a traditional aesthetic remains important to you and you live in a relatively secure area, a wooden garage door remains an intriguing option. The variety of natural colors and tones available with wood can be used to blend in to any home front, and the rugged material can be stained to prevent potential weather damage.

Wood doors to provide a better insulating effect than steel, but they also require more maintenance. If you decide to install a wood garage door, be prepared to have to refinish it and apply stain perhaps on a yearly basis in order to maintain the look that you desire.


While not incredibly popular, fiberglass doors remain a solid option for people who are concerned about incidental damage. If you have children frequently playing in your driveway, you know that the dents and dings from balls and other rough play can be unsightly and difficult to handle. Fiberglass is more resistant to that damage than other types of material, and will maintain its smooth finish longer. It's also lighter weight than many other options, allowing it to be hung in garages where there's concern about the stability of the mount.

For more information, consult with a local supplier (such as Shank Door).

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