Five Problems That Require A Garage Door Repair Professional

The garage door is something you often take for granted, until it stops working. Many problems can easily be corrected on your own, but there are quite a few repairs which may require a professional.  

Door Doesn't Close

This is one of the most common garage door concerns. All automatic garage doors have photo-electric sensors located on each side of the door. This built-in safety feature is designed to keep the door from automatically closing on a person, child, pet or inanimate object. In order for the system to function properly, the sensors must be aligned. This is difficult to do without the proper equipment, so manually lower the door and call a professional.

Door is Difficult to Open or Close

Even when using a silicone based lubricant on a regular basis, another frequent repair problem is related to the opener itself. Use the emergency release cord to unhinge the door. If door moves easily while unhinged, it's time to bring a professional in.

Malfunctioning Door Springs

Similar to the springs in your car or a screen door, these strong, high-tension springs can be affected by temperature change and humidity causing them to squeak or become jammed. These springs have a very high ratio of torque and can cause serious injury or even death. They should only be repaired by a garage door professional.

Worn Cables and Loose Brackets

Heavy metal cables attach the springs to the bottom of the garage door. Over time, these cables and the brackets they rest in can become worn as both are under a great deal of tension. If the brackets are pulling out of the door itself and/or if the cables are fraying, it is imperative to call a repairman as soon as possible. If the cables break while someone is nearby, the person could be seriously injured. As for the brackets, most are tamper resistant and require tools only a professional has in order to adjust them.

Garage Door Track Out of Alignment

Because most garages are not climate controlled and the working door mechanisms are often exposed to inclement weather, garage door tracks may become bent or warped. When this occurs, the door will not open or close either automatically or manually. Much like the tension springs, trying to correct this problem on your own could easily result in serious bodily injury. A professional repairman, like those at Unifour Door Systems LLC, has both the expertise and equipment needed for this type of complex repair.

Sometimes DIY is a good thing; other times it's completely dangerous and ineffective. When it comes to the garage door, often the latter is true. Call a professional instead of putting yourself or others in danger.

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