Don't Forget To Inspect The Garage Door When Purchasing A Home

Purchasing a home is a massive undertaking. Not only do you need to thoroughly examine the loan documents, but you also need to pay close attention to the condition of the house. One area some new buyers fail to carefully inspect is the garage door and its opener system. A malfunctioning or outdated garage door system can lead to costly repairs and can sometimes pose a serious safety concern. Make sure you know what to check for.

Listen Carefully To The Door

Unless you are purchasing a home with a top of the line garage door opener system, you should expect to hear some level of noise when the door is operating. However, some noises should not be present as they are often attributed to an underlying issue. Take a banging noise, for example. Doors are designed to glide along the track. However, if the track is even slightly bent, this could cause the door to bump into the track as it moves, causing a banging type of noise.

If you hear this noise, you should look over the track for any misalignment or dents in the track. While you might think this is just a noise, if the door continues to operate on a damaged track, it could eventually damage the door as well as well as put extra wear and tear on the opener's motor.

Inspect The Hinges

The hinges that support a garage door are small, seemingly insignificant pieces of metal, but don't be confused. The hinges installed along each panel of the door keep it secure. Particularly if you are purchasing an older home, make sure you are looking over the hinges. When hinges start to get worn, they rust and deteriorate. The deterioration causes them to lose their ability to properly hold the door in place.

If you fail to look over the hinges, you could go to operate the door one day and watch it literally collapse on top of your vehicle. In this case, you're not just looking at a door replacement, but also vehicle damage. While old hinges shouldn't keep you from purchasing the house, you should definitely put hinge replacement atop your to-do list.

If you notice any areas of concern, it's a good idea to have a door specialist come out and inspect the door so that you know what you're getting. This won't just help you plan correctly for any necessary repairs, but it will also ensure your safety. For more information, contact a professional like those at DSI Door Services North Shore.

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