Unique Things To Do With Your Old Garage Doors

If you are getting ready to have brand new garage doors installed, you might want to start thinking about all of the things you can do with your old ones. Before you throw them out with the trash, you will want to review the following suggestions so you can put those old doors to good use and avoid having to put up your old garage doors for sale.

Headboards For Your Bed

You can turn your old wooden garage doors into the headboard of your dreams. Simply cut the wooden garage door so that its width matches the width of your bed. Then, you can cut it down so that it is the height you desire. Make sure that you are sanding down all of the edges, especially the edges that have been cut so you do not have to worry splinters. You will then want to consider whether you want to paint or stain it. If you want to paint it, a light sanding of the original layer of paint should do the trick. If you want to stain it, you might need to use an industrial sander to clean its surface of all existing paint or stain. Once you have painted or stained your new headboard, you will want to put it in place behind your bed. Make sure that you are securing it to the wall by screwing extra long and wide screws into your wall studs. This will prevent the heavy headboard from falling down.

Tool Shed Roofs

If you have an old metal garage door, you might want to think about the things that you can do outside with it. If you have always wanted to build a tool shed, the metal garage door would make the perfect roof. You will not have to worry about moisture causing the roof to rot or become covered in mold. It can also be a very sharp look for those who want to make sure that their little tool sheds are appealing to the eye. Simply cut the metal garage door down to size so that it not only covers the structure, but so that it hangs out over the sides a little. By allowing that extra bit of roof edge, you will find that less water will hit against the sides of the tool shed. Just make sure that you are using a metal sander to smooth the edges of your new roof so that no one will get cut. You will also want to paint your roof with a metal paint so that it has a nice look to it before you attach it to the top of the shed. Just make sure that you are getting both sides of the metal so that the sections that hang over the sides of the shed will be a nice color as well.

With those two unique ideas in mind, you should have no trouble coming up with the perfect solution for your old garage doors.

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