Tips For Preparing For A New Garage Door Installation

If you have become tired of the countless repairs you have made to your current garage door or you simply want an upgrade, you can call to schedule a new garage door installation. This is something that is always best left to the professionals so the garage door will be in perfect working order and so no one gets hurt during the installation. While it will be the contractor that is doing the installation, it is up to you to prep the area to make sure that everything is in order before they arrive. Here are some of the things that you will need to do in order to make this process go as smooth as possible:

Move Your Vehicles Out Of The Way

It is not enough to just pull your vehicles out of the garage. You may want to take them away from the house and park along the side of the road. If you have permission from a neighbor, you could park in their driveway while the installation is taking place. The reason for this is that the contractor will need a lot of room in the garage, and they may need to back their truck up to the garage. You also do not want to have your vehicle right next to their work truck, as it could become damaged accidentally when they are loading and unloading things.

Clear Out The Front Half Of Your Garage

You will need to make sure that the contractor has plenty of room to work when inside the garage. This will not only ensure that your possessions will not become damaged or broken, but it will allow the contractor to work without interruption. If they have to keep stopping to move your stuff out of the way, the job will take a lot longer to finish. The best thing to do is to move everything to the very back of the garage. You can put everything back in its place once the new garage door is in place.

Keep The Kids And Pets Inside

The last thing your garage door installer needs to worry about is kids and pets running around. You want to make sure that you are keeping everyone safe, including the contractor. If the contractor becomes too distracted by your toddler running around or by your dog trying to lick their boots, they could have an accident and injure themselves.

Make sure that you ask the garage door company if there is anything else you need to do in order to properly prepare for the installation.

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