An Overview Of A Garage Door Installation

If your garage door is old and looks worn out, it's probably time to replace it. A new garage door can improve the curb appeal of your home and also make your garage safer for your family. Here are some steps involved in the garage door installation process.

Prepare Your Garage 

Your garage doesn't have to be spotless, but you do need to clear clutter and cars out of the way so the installers can work. They'll need room to work from a ladder and to move long door sections around, so try to clear the area near the garage door as much as possible. Once work is underway, keep kids and pets out of the area so the installers don't have to worry about hurting them.

Remove The Old Door And The Parts

A new garage door comes with all the parts you need for the installation. The installers need to remove the old track and spring. Then, they dismantle the door so it can be removed and hauled away. Once that's done, the wood frame around the door will be exposed. If the wood is rotted due to moisture, the installer may need to repair or replace it so the frame has dry solid wood that's capable of supporting your new garage door.

Install The New Garage Door

The first step in a garage door installation is to assemble the door. A common type of garage door is a sectional metal door. The installer has to put the sections together with hinges as the door goes up. They build the door as it's installed so the door looks like a single piece when finished.

The installer also has to install the rollers and track so the door can open and close smoothly. Safety features, such as the sensors at the bottom of the track need to be installed and tested too. A dangerous step in garage door installation involves putting in the new spring. A garage door spring is wound very tightly, so it has to be handled carefully to prevent injury.

Once all the parts including the garage door opener are installed, the door needs to be tested to listen for noises and to check that it's level and operating properly. The garage door installation process could take several hours to complete since there is a lot of work involved. Be sure to ask the installer about important things you need to know, such as the type of maintenance you need to do so your new door will last a long time.

For more info about these installations, contact a garage door service near you.

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