Debunking 2 Myths You May Believe About Garage Door Spring Repair

The torsion springs are a crucial part of the system that raises and closes your garage door. They bear the brunt of the weight of the door so that it moves smoothly when opening and closing so that it does not come crashing down.

When the springs break, you will find that you are unable to open and close the garage door without an extreme amount of manual effort. While the operation and repair of the springs may seem simple enough, there are a couple of myths surrounding them that are debunked below.

1. Garage Door Will Always Show Signs That the Springs Are About to Break

One myth that you may have heard about and believe is that you will have a fair amount of warning when the springs are about to break. You may think that the garage door will always show signs beforehand, giving you time to prepare or to fix it before the springs break completely.

While there are times when the door may start to jerk while moving or make loud screeching noises when the springs are about to break, this is not always the case. Many times, the torsion springs will break unexpectedly and without warning, usually when it is closing and holding the full weight of the door.

2. Garage Door Springs Are Easy to Fix Yourself Without a Professional's Help

Another myth you may believe about garage door springs is that they are easy to fix yourself without a professional's help. You may have seen numerous websites or videos telling you that you can easily replace them as a weekend project.

However, the springs are wound tightly, allowing them to produce the amount of torque needed to hold and move the door. If the right tools are not used and you lack experience, they could easily cause damage or injury. A professional repair service should always be called to fix the springs to keep these situations from happening.

While there are times when the door will start jerking while in motion and make loud noises before the springs break, many times they will break without any warning at all. If they do break, you should not try to fix them yourself since replacing the springs will require tools only a professional has access to as well as the skills and experience to use them. If your garage door is no longer working and you suspect the springs are broken, contact a garage door spring repair company.

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